Darksynth Sunday

Ticket sales are currently not available for this venue.

Show Details
  • Ticket Price: CAD $10.00
  • Show Type: Dance/Electronic
  • Restrictions: 19 & over
  • Where: The Hindenburg 23 West Cordova Vancouver, BC V6B1C7
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Pacific Northwest wave and synth artists unite to bring the most fun party for this Winter! Sunday, February 11, 2018, at The Hindenburg (23 West Cordova... Family Day long weekend!).
20SIX Hundred (Surrey, BC)
Inspired by the darker side of cinema, the music of 20SIX Hundred reaches deep into the imagination of a future not yet realized. Synth heavy and action oriented ambience drenched in the neon glow of mid-eighties electronica. Close your eyes, let go of your fears, and drive into the darkness.
Wolftron (Olympia, WA)
Wolftron is a solo synthwave, darkwave, futuristic, cyborg, artist who hails from the Northwest, Washington State. Filled with intense bassline beats, melodic harmony tunes and rich vocal strings. It will lock onto your brain and soul and refuse let you go. Wolftron will take you to so many outer dimensions and worlds that you wouldnt think exist.
Oceanside85 (Victoria, BC)
Retrofuture dimensions translated into audio crystallized in time.
Dynastes (Vancouver, BC)
Blood red skies over an endless black sea.
Family Day long weekend!
Tickets on sale NOW at www.theinvisibleorange.com