HIBRIA is a Brazilian Metal band created in Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul / Brazil, in 1996. The band has been growing in Brazil and in the world due to their successful releases recognized both by the specialized media and the audience.

HIBRIA released their fourth album, Silent Revenge, in 2013, and it is available in the following territories:

Asia (King Records)
Europe and North America (AFM Records)
Brazil (Voice Music)
The four albums and the DVD released by HIBRIA have reached the first position in the retailing stores HMV in Japan.

* In October of 2013, HIBRIA was chosen to open BLACK SABBATH’S concert, in Porto Alegre/BR, on the ‘13’ Tour, playing to 30.000 people.

* In September of 2013, the band played at ROCK IN RIO, on the same day as Metallica, Alice in Chains, Ghost, Sepultura, Rob Zombie e Sebastian Bach.

* In September of 2013, the band played in Japan for the fifth time to promote their most recent release, Silent Revenge.

* In October of 2012, the band played for the second time at LOUD PARK (Japan).

* In April of 2011, HIBRIA played as the support act to OZZY OSBOURNE in the cities of Rio de Janeiro and Belo Horizonte, in Brazil.

* In May of 2011, the band toured Asia for the third time in support of their third album, Blind Ride, playing in South Korea, China and in Japan, where the band shot a Live DVD in Tokyo.

* In January of 2010, HIBRIA was chosen to open METALLICA’s concert, in Porto Alegre/BR, on the World Magnetic Tour’ 10, playing to 25.000 people.

* In October of 2009, after their successful Collecting Skulls WTour, the band was invited to play in Japan again at LOUD PARK, playing to 15.000 headbangers, sharing the stage with some of the most important Metal bands of the world such as Megadeth, Slayer, Anthrax, Judas Priest, among others. Besides playing at Loud Park, the band opened MEGADETH’s concert , in Nagoya.

* In May of 2009, the band started their international tour – Collecting Skulls WTour – to promote their second album – The Skull Collectors – playing in Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea and Canada.

* The band’s previous album was Defying the Rules, and it brought the melodic lines from the 80?s, the speed from the 90?s and the 2000?s musicians skills. DTR was released in Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, Hong Kong, USA, Canada, Western Europe, Russia, Baltic States and Brazil.

* In Japan, DTR has been a best seller in the Heavy Metal category during 6 consecutive weeks in the retailing stores HMV in Japan, being for the whole period in the first position, and it’s been voted among the best of the year, both by the editors and the readers from the magazine BURRN.

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